From the Twitter account by Rich Bielby


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From the Twitter account by Rich Bielby

This is a screenshot taken from the Twitter account by Rich Bielby, Durham University, of a 3 December 2013 post of him. It is on the pseudonym “G. Forst” used by Mr. Ciufolini.


New self-censorhip from ArXiv


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Today, the ArXiv moderators have again removed their own comments directly exposing Mr. Ciufolini for both the ascertained pseudonyms used by him to post fake pre-prints to anonymously criticize competitors. In the case of “G. Forst”, it is the second time that the ArXiv moderators removed their own comments exposing Mr. Ciufolini. In the case of “G. Felici”, it is the first time. Please, notice that they even removed the fake email used by Mr. Ciufolini, i.e., to submit his pre-print from all its three versions. Now, it is as if even the original ones were submitted by…the ArXiv moderators themselves!

Let’s wait for the next episode in this unbelievable saga…



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Update from ArXiv: now, they have fully reinstated their original comment explicitly exposing Mr. Ciufolini: “This submission has been removed because ‘G.Forst’ is a pseudonym of Ignazio Ciufolini, who repeatedly submits inappropriate articles under pseudonyms. This is in explicit violation of arXiv policies. Roughly similar content to this article, contrasting the relative merits of the LAGEOS and GP-B measurements of the frame-dragging effect, can be found in pp. 43–45 of: this http URL  ” Let’s wait for the next episode……


2008 INFN presentation by I. Ciufolini


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2008 INFN presentation by I. Ciufolini

In this talk, given at the INFN  meeting in Villa Mondragone, 30 September 2008, Mr. Ciufolini  cites his own Forst paper as an example of reputable and estabilished criticism in literature against GP-B


2008 presentation by I. Ciufolini


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2008 presentation by I. Ciufolini

In this talk, given by Mr. Ciufolini at the International Laser Ranging Conference in Poznan, 13 October 2008, he cited his own Forst paper as an example, among others, of estabilished criticisms about GP-B existing in the literature.


ArXiv comment since 19 December 2013


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ArXiv comment since 19 December 2013

As of 19 December 2013, the ArXiv moderators changed again their retraction comment by stating that G. Forst is now a pseudonym. In a private communication, they justified their latest action by writing that: “Neither the original comment or the modified one reflects current arXiv policy. We have altered the comment accordingly.” As such, they did not retract their previous identification of Mr. Forst with Mr. Ciufolini. Instead, they said that they simply changed their policy, although it sounds quite strange after they left their originally posted comment for 5 years and the Ciufolini-related comment for 4 months this year. Moreover, there is nothing in their pages pointing towards such a change in their policies, which do not even treat similar cases at all.