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ArXiv comment September 2013-19 December 2013

In late 2007, a certain “G. Forst”, who ever neither published nor posted any scientific paper anywhere, suddenly popped out on the ArXiv repository maintained by the Cornell University with a preprint criticizing some scientific aspects of the Gravity Probe B mission aimed to measure the general relativistic effect named frame-dragging or Lense-Thirring effect. In early 2008, ArXiv moderators retracted Mr. Forst’s preprint with a comment pointing towards an Italian physicist unwilling to disclose his identity. They also added a the link to a 2007 Nature paper by Mr. I. Ciufolini.  In September 2013, ArXiv moderators changed their comment to the one displayed here, where it is written: “This submission has been removed because ‘G.Forst’ is a pseudonym of Ignazio  Ciufolini, who repeatedly submits inappropriate articles under pseudonyms. “